In The Lands of Arrahfash

Bound Together

In Which Bor-Ul and Gomgrim Meet In Captivity

Gomgrim and Rudika ride into the foggy barren hills of the Old Tombs, in the ruins of the fallen empire of Hym. They are beset by terrors and strange noises. At one point, a wounded soldier limps out of the fog, only to be revealed as a long dead ghost of wars past. Finally a huge unseen terror swells towards them, and their steed panics, carrying them off into the fog. It is all Rudika and Gomgrim can do to hold on or be thrown to their deaths, and the horse takes them all the way to the Web Wood. A stray strand of webbing catches Gomgrim, lifting him off the horse to dangle in the trees. The steed carries Rudika off into the gloom.

Bor-Ul had been traveling for several weeks, newly set out from his Clan Cave. His task was to adventure and record what he found. Traveling by ship brought him to Keyport, a city he found immediately overwhelming. He set off to explore the wilds and the Ruins of Hym, and while camping near the Web Woods felt a bite on his neck while he slept. He remembered no more, until…

The two unlucky adventurers woke, groggy from poison, to find themselves snared in a spider tree nest, dangling up in the branches. Working together thye freed themselves, only to turn and discover an enormous spider watching over them. It did not move, however, and it was soon revealed to be dead. Carefully they made their way out of the nest, using a rope to reach the ground, but not before alerting the spiders above.

After a brief chase and a few skirmishes with lesser spiderlings, they made their way to safety, but still remaining lost in the woods. From up ahead there came a sound, and they crept forward to find a travel, over-laden with supplies. What he was doing here they did not question, and soon gathered close to greet him. The traveler tried to sell them items, but their coins were not great enough to impress him. He did barter a short bow in exchange for a joke, but Bor-Ul’s jest was not great enough to impress him, so instead he gave Bor-Ul an rusty (but possibly magical) dagger, and pointed them east.

The two left the woods at dawn, and made their way north towards the Trade Warrens.



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