In The Lands of Arrahfash

Setting Out

In Which Gomgrim Explores and Departs from Keyport

Gomgrim arrived in the port city of Keyport in Arrahfash on the 2nd of Drimuir, on a mission from his paladin order to investigate the desecration of his nation’s relics at the Shrine of the Dwarf Nations. The docks were crowded with fine steeds, a major export of Keyport, because of a shortage of cargo vessels. A plague aboard several vessels put them into quarantine, putting undo stress upon the city and its markets.

Gomgrim spoke with Lady Martiorin, head of the Sailor’s Rest guild, which maintains the city’s inn and tavern establishments. She told him that she had heard of the shrine’s desecration and it had troubled her deeply. She advised him to find Werken the Beggar King, as he would probably know more than any of them.

Gomgrim visited the markets, where he lured a pickpocket (“Shut up, Tom!”) and met a boy who promised to take him to Werken. They traveled across the city to its most noticeable feature, the Water Clock, and climbing into its bowels came to the hideaway of the Beggar King. Gomgrim bargained with the unseen Werken, agreeing to split his treasure with him should Werken reveal the location of the perpetrators of the crime. As the deal was made, Werken revealed himself to be the young boy who led Gomgrim to this place. Werken also mentioned that should Gomgrim need transport, he might find a horse for sale at a northern ranch owned by Kirik Jayes.

Gomgrim set out then for the Shrine of Dwarven Nations to investigate the scene. There he met Rudika Dejoran, Daughter of his old friend Gilrin, of his order. The shrine of their nation held a sacred relic, the Cassock of Adian, which was stolen when the shrine of defiled. No one saw anything because magical wards made the need for guards unnecessary, but somehow those were bypassed. A wretched symbol had been carved over the shrine in fire and blood. Gomgrim stays the night and the next morning, Rudika joins him on his quest to avenge the crime and recover the artifact.

After visiting the northern farm and ridding Jayes of a wolf problem, they are lent a horse for the ride west. They set out at once, traveling for several days into the Craglin Wastes, sticking to the road until it becomes difficult and washed out. They set camp before reaching the Trade Warrens, and are attacked briefly by kobolds from the Haven Wood forest north of them.

The pair pass quickly through the Trade Warrens, finding little to do there. They approached the misty hills where await the Old Tombs, and now all that is left is to find the entrance and descend…



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